My Work

This is an autobiographical project showcasing specific memories that played an active role in shaping Dre Negrete’s identity.
Created with the purpose to help Dre process buried memories and come to terms with the person they are today, this series is incredibly personal. Because of the complexities behind Dre’s emotions, they keep the collages abstract and surreal in an attempt to build an invisible wall between the viewer and these memories. The images used to make these collages are family photos, digital photos of still-lifes from the homes Dre grew up in, drawings created by Dre, and stock images. The process of merging these mediums together differs greatly between one another. While some can feel complete with as little as six layers, others take up to thirty-six layers for them to be made sense of.
Noodles presents multiple facets including religion, sexuality, gender, culture, abuse and a shadow of something darker without a name. The amount of details given to each image with the help of poems and descriptions will vary. Most will recount vividly the recollections that build their collages up, while a few will wear silence like a comfort blanket, letting the impact speak for itself. Some secrets are too much to share.

I love monsters. The big ones. The ugly ones. The weird ones. The tricky little trolls with sneering voices, or the big and built leviathan with a language so old it groans. I ate up fantasy books with a fervor, just to have more. I adored them over the heroes, I adored them over the lessons. Why imagine befriending a silly princess or a boring knight, when you could befriend a dragon and take the village, leaving horror behind?
Monsters are my stars, and with my creation, The Historian, as my narrator, I will explore their range. Using images and video, I will be telling their stories; how they came to be, what they've done, and why they're so memorable to me. The tone of their scenes range from playful to serene, and even delve into the roots of terror; as even when we try, not all monsters mean well. My gallery will be interactive and come in three parts; a video with The Historian hosting, prints on the wall, and a book to flip through. To truly experience it all, the viewers will have to keep a sharp mind and an eye for detail, as not everything is on the pages, and not everything is on the screen. Even the knower of all has their blindspots.
With this, I want to bring the audience back to their childish states of minds, back to when they felt the trickling awe and wonder at the first time they heard a story. I want viewers to replay the experience, treat it like a game, to catch the full story of all my creations.
Reality and humanity be damned, it's time to let go and return to the time of imaginative excitement from our childhoods.